Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Destination 2: Lac Brochet, MB

I'm a little bit closer now to my destination of full support, with only 13% to go.  So here's a look at our second destination of LAMP communities: Lac Brochet, Manitoba.

Lac Brochet lies just a little east of the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border and is one of the most northern communities that LAMP serves, only 150 kilometers south of Nunavut.  It is also one of the few Dene First Nations that we serve in, as opposed to Cree communities commonly found throughout the Prairies.

Lac Brochet is a mid-sized community, with a population of around 800 people.

Like many First Nations communities, there continues to be substantial population growth, as the size of the community increased 36% between the 2006 and 2011 censuses.  For a frame of reference, the rest of Manitoba increased about 3.5% over that same time.

Of course, with such a large growth in population in a short amount of time, that means lots and lots of children.  Last summer, the LAMP VBS averaged over 100 children.

LAMP VBS Team to Lac Brochet (2013) and LAMP Pastor, Bill Ney
Our team that goes to teach VBS in Lac Brochet is a faithful group of people who travel all the way from Michigan that have been going each summer since 2012.  This is made extra difficult as Lac Brochet is a completely isolated community and only accessible by air, which means travelling to Thompson first, before catching a flight to the community.

Just Before Touchdown...

The runway is typical for many northern communities as it's made up of crushed rock.  It also stretches out into a bit of a peninsula in the lake which make for some fun approaches as you take off or land over the lake.

A few members of our VBS team are headed back to Lac Brochet in April for a Spring visit with members of the community and the children they know from their years teaching there.  Please pray for them as they travel there in a few weeks and again in August to teach VBS.  Please also keep the community of Lac Brochet and the children of that community in your prayers.

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