Monday, March 9, 2015

15 in 45

UPDATE (04/02): 24 days to go and the required support amount has decreased to only 2%. THANK YOU! If you're interested in supporting this ministry, check out the links below.

15 in 45.

That is, 15% in 45 days.

When I first started serving with MAF six years ago, I took a look at the amount of ongoing monthly support I was required to raise and thought to myself "there's no way I'll be able to do that."  The numbers just seemed to be too big.

Big numbers are no match for a BIG God.  Six years have passed and not one has gone by where I have come in under budget.  Even though that budget has increased over the years, each year, come the end of December, I always seem to hit it.  Sometimes, almost down to the dollar.  I am incredibly thankful for the people that have joined my team and have generously and sacrificially given so that I may continue serving in this ministry.

However, this year, that number has gone up substantially.  In fact, a 30% increase over my budget from last year.  This happened for two primary reasons:  First, MAF upgraded my status with them to a "Career Missionary" which means I now receive some added benefits (and unfortunately also lose my excuse for not seeing a dentist).  Secondly, MAF had to add in a "cost-of-living" increase for all their missionaries due to, you guessed it, a general worldwide increase in the cost of living.

But, remember, we serve a Big God, and already over the past few months I've seen my support level increase substantially as a number of people and churches have committed to supporting my ministry with MAF regularly.  There is, however, still a little ways to go.

How far exactly?  Well, 15 percent.  I am only 15 percent away from being fully funded.  Toward the end of April I begin entering my "busy" season with LAMP.  It would be great to go into that season knowing that I am fully funded so that I am able to continue on with the ministry that God has called me to.  That gives me about 45 days to get there.

So what does 15% in 45 days equate to?  $17.33.  That's just one new donor each day who will commit to supporting this ministry for $17.33 per month.  Or, if you're an existing donor, perhaps you would consider increasing your current support.  Are you interested in partnering with me financially in this ministry?  If so, this can be done at the MAF website: Canadians can Donate HERE and Americans can Donate HERE.  

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