Friday, March 20, 2015

15 in 45: Update

There's 37 days left to go as I try to reach full support.  At the start, I was looking to reach my full support level in 45 days before things begin to get really busy as I serve as a missionary pilot in Northern Canada.  I only needed 15% to reach that goal.

So, 8 days in, 37 to go.  That 15% has now decreased to under 10.  

9.7% to be exact.  

We're already a third of the way there.  

This means that there is only $505 a month needed.  

A huge THANK YOU to those that have responded and have decided to partner with me as you support my ministry with MAF.  You are an integral part of this ministry and I would not be able to carry on without you.

Are you interested in joining this team and helping to have the Gospel brought to Northern Canada?  Just one new donor a day through these 45 days, committing to give $17.33 a month will help me reach my goal and allow me to continue serving in the ministry that God has called me to.  So, how about it?  Do you want to join this partnership?  If you do, Canadians can donate HERE and Americans Here.

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