My name is Andrew Anstey and I am a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship.  MAF is a world wide organization operating in more than 30 countries that exists to share God's love through aviation and technology.  They do this by partnering with over 1500 other organizations to provide air transport to some of the worlds most isolated communities.

MAF Operations Worldwide
I am seconded to one of our partner organizations, The Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots (LAMP), and work with them on a day-to-day basis.  Based in Edmonton, LAMP does ministry in the most remote communities of Northern British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.  Many of these communities are only accessible by air as there are no roads going to or from them.

A Community in Northern Manitoba
LAMP's primary ministry is to put on Vacation Bible Schools for the children of these communities.  Though there are church buildings, most communities have no full-time pastor, priest or missionary, which means no regular church services or Sunday school.  This means that many of these children will grow up without ever hearing the Gospel.

LAMP sends 500 volunteers from around Canada and the United States to approximately 50 communities each summer to lead and teach these VBS's.

Teams are required to make a commitment to return to the same community for five years which helps them to build relationships and get to know the people of the community.  Organically, it allows them to expand their ministry to teens and adults over that time as well.

In order to get around in the North, LAMP uses two airplanes, a Piper Lance and a Cessna 182, to go from community to community.  This is where my responsibilities lie, as I am in charge of their flight operations.  I am often flying one of LAMP's pastors to various communities throughout the year: In the Spring, to set up the VBS; In the Summer, to visit the VBS team and make sure things are going smoothly, as well as to take care of any issues that arise; And, in the Fall to do follow up visits with the elders of the communities.

LAMP's Aircraft at the Hangar
The vast majority of our work occurs during the summer, so during that time, I'll base in Northern Manitoba, usually in either Flin Flon or Thompson.  Aside from flying, I'm also responsible for training of other pilots with LAMP and other aviation related operations, such as taking care of the airplanes, hangar, etc.

Flin Flon Airport
I have now been working alongside with LAMP for three years and absolutely love what I do.  However, to keep doing this MAF requires that I raise an ongoing monthly support amount.  This comes from partnering churches and individuals who believe in the same vision of spreading the Gospel of Christ to the very ends of the earth and wish to join with me in this ministry.  Though not everyone can "Go", I am willing, whether it be Northern Canada, Africa, or anywhere else God may call me, but I cannot go unless I am sent.  At the moment, I sit about 15% short of that necessary support amount.  Please do prayerfully consider partnering with me in ministry through prayer and financial support.  If you decide you are interested in supporting my ministry with MAF and LAMP, you can do that at MAF Canada's website.  Thanks for reading and for your prayers and support.

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